Miss New York Melissa Gun has become a co-owner of the beauty contest Ms World 2023

Ms World 2023

The American model with Ukrainian roots, Melisa Gun, in partnership with the owner of the MS Ukraine World International competition, Olena Boyko, is holding the largest competition in Las Vegas.

Melissa Gunn is one of the most successful models, who became famous thanks to cooperation with famous brands. Her photo has repeatedly graced the covers of such magazines as Lofficiel, Harper`s Bazaar, GRAZIA, she was written about in VOGUE and other publications, Melissa’s photo is placed on a billboard in the very heart of Manhattan – in Times Square. In addition, the model collaborated with world fashion houses and famous designers from around the world. And all this in the last few years.

“I have repeatedly participated in beauty contests in different countries, and I have something to compare with. I know the whole kitchen inside out and understand what every girl is waiting for when she comes to participate in the competition. I am confident that we will be able to organize a top competition in America, which will be known all over the world, and create the best conditions for our participants,” says Melissa.

The competition will be held at a high level: more than 2 million dollars have already been spent on its preparation, and this is only the beginning. The girls have scheduled a show at the Cesar Palace Hotel in the heart of Vegas.

MS World is a major country event, the first time it will be held in the USA at the national level, and will give each participant the opportunity to speak loudly about her country, its current trends, culture, business and sports achievements, as well as the chance to compete for the main world crown and launch holding a grandiose beauty pageant of an international level in one’s own country.

Photos of the participants will be broadcast for a month on all billboards in America, including on the main square of New York — Times Square.

The pageant crown, set with diamonds and gold, is custom made and designed specifically for the pageant. The final value of the crown is not yet known.

In addition, the contract with the contestants includes cooperation with the best designers in America, publications in glossy publications and travel as part of shootings and partnership offers.

“America has never seen a competition of this format. Since we have been in this business for many years and this is our first project of this scale, we think through every detail, and I assure you, it will be the talk of the whole planet!” – say the organizers.