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Get a unique opportunity to
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Five unforgettable days in Las Vegas at the pageant for the beautiful and successful women Ms World 2024

From 21 till 24th August 2024 in the main entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas, one of the oldest and most mysterious hotels Caesars Palace, will host the first beauty pageant for the successful women – Ms World 2024!

Ms World 2024 is not only a new step in the professional and creative life, it is also a unique platform for development and growing of your brand, a tool for refining your business ambitions!

The best platform for networking & promotion of premium brands

This pageant is an ideal platform for exchange of the modern products and services in the beauty and fashion industry, a place of bringing your business ideas to life, as well as image expressions, presenting your personality and business.

Conditions of participation

50 competitors from different countries will be chosen to take part in the pageant. Successful, intelegent, those who have realized themsellves as family and society memebers, active, open-minded, the most distingushed women. Being an active member of social project and charity organizations is a bonus

You can be a queen at any age!

Our age categories are Miss, Ms, Mrs, Ms Classic. 

Miss 18-24 are the girls who have never been married and don’t have children. 

Ms 24-44 are successful unmarried women with or without children. 

Mrs 24-44 are married women. 

Ms Classic 45+ are bright and successful women over 45 who have either been married or not.

The unforgettable event, which is set to revolutionize the beauty and fashion industry

Ms World 2024 pageant will take place in Las Vegas, the city where dreams and opportunities begins! One of the oldest and most mysterious hotels  – Caesars Palace, which has been fascinating its visitors by its incredible events since 1966, will host our first grandiose contest.

Frank Sinatra and Bette Midler used to stay here, and Mohammed Ali and Larry Holmes’s famous fight took place here! And in 2024, the hotel will host an exciting event of a truly international scale, which is set to elevate a woman to the highest peak of the business Olympus.


Red Carpet

Television, live broadcast on Fashion TV UA channel, press, more than 30 info partners


Opening ceremony introduction of all participants in cocktail dresses

National Dress

Catwalk in styled national dresses


Awards ceremony and
evening gowns presentation


Coronation of the winner
Ms World 

Gala Show

Show business stars’ performance

Open the doors to the magical world of beauty and grand opportunities!

Ms World beauty pageant is not only a new step in the professional and creative life of a modern woman, it is also a platform for development and growing of your business, a tool for refining your business ambitions!

1500 VIP guests: CEOs of leading companies, diplomats, politicians, public figures, show business stars

Ms World beauty pageant platform provides a unique opportunity for networking, promotion, growth and development of premium brands.

The pageant’s guests will be the famous media people, and the concert program will be provided by the international artists.

Ms World 2024

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