Beyond The Crown: How Ms. World 2023 Is Changing Lives And Supporting Communities

The world of beauty pageants has been a fixture in popular culture for many decades, captivating audiences with glitz and glamor from contestants competing for the ultimate prize. On well-designed stages, women showcase their stunning gowns, flaunt confidence in swimsuits, and demonstrate their knowledge and intelligence in question-and-answer segments to showcase the world-class beauty and culture of their representing countries.

In recent years, however, beauty pageants have also evolved into a platform for raising awareness of various social causes that benefit people from all walks of life. Beauty pageant contestants now use their platform to promote philanthropic endeavors, raise awareness about pressing social issues, and advocate for change. By leveraging their visibility and influence, these women can impact the world beyond their pageant crowns, making beauty pageants a powerful force for good.

Giving a fresh take to this platform is Ms World, a new beauty pageant at the heart of America that features women who have already achieved something in their sphere as contestants. Established by model and luxury brand ambassador Melisa Gun, Ms World strongly believes that a woman who can create a happy family, build a successful career, and prove herself to the world deserves the crown.

The new pageant is not just about success, beauty, and influence. It also highlights the cause of helping countries that need financial assistance or American women who have encountered hardships and require assistance through donations organized by finalists. 

Showcasing the beauty of successful women

The Ms World beauty pageant is a new project celebrating women’s beauty, success, and creativity. Unlike traditional beauty contests that focus mostly on showcasing remarkable physical attributes, the Ms World pageant values women who have succeeded in their respective fields. 

The pageant is open to all women between the ages of 18 to 50 and offers different categories based on age and status. These categories include Miss (18-25 y.o.), Millennial (26-35 y.o.), Mrs (successful married woman), Premier (36-45 y.o.), and Classic (46-50 y.o.), giving women of different ages and backgrounds the opportunity to participate. As Ms World believes that every woman is capable of creating great things, each category will have its own rules to observe.

Ms World CEO Melisa Gun explains, “We want this project to unveil new names of the smart, beautiful, and successful women willing to dedicate their time and effort to the people around them.”

With two different crowns available, contestants from the United States and Europe have the opportunity to compete for the coveted Ms World title. The winner of this prestigious pageant will be the official face of Ms World for one year, receiving a main prize of $25,000 during the final ceremony. 

Additionally, Melisa mentions that the winner’s poster will be featured in Times Square for a month, giving her a chance to promote her brand to a wider audience. She will also have the opportunity to work with Ms World’s general sponsors, be featured in their magazine, and participate in a film about her year as the reigning Ms World. 

Melisa shares, “The team put a lot of time and effort into every detail and preparation, ensuring that all women who participated will be able to not only showcase their beauty but also refine their businesses.”

Ms World: Showcasing beauty, upholding greater causes

Melisa emphasizes that Ms World is more than just a beauty pageant; it is a platform for women to make a positive impact on the world. As an avenue to promote bigger causes, the pageant provides an opportunity for the finalists to donate funds to charity and support countries that require financial assistance, such as Ukraine and Turkey. 

She shares, “As of now, we are receiving thousands of applications for women of diverse backgrounds. Some even don’t have any experience joining pageants but are willing to learn its ins and outs because they believe this platform is a big opportunity to help struggling people from all over the world.” 

Melisa also mentions how the Ms World team has set up a fund that will work with American women who have experienced hardships that may need financial or psychological assistance to help them recover and start over. The finalists will work with these women, closely collaborating with organizations to provide shelter to those who need it the most. 

“The Ms World team and all joining women believe their success is not just their own. Rather, their success is an opportunity to bring a turning point in people’s lives. By supporting greater causes in the community through platforms like Ms World, women are empowered to make a difference and change lives in the USA and the rest of the world for the better,” Melisa shares. 

The Ms World team is currently organizing a party on a yacht in Dubai for their commercial partners that will happen around April 2023. At the same time, they are preparing for the 2023 Ms World pageant, which will take place in the heart of Vegas at Caesars Palace Hotel from December 13 to 17, 2023. 

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