Marie Claire: Not just a pretty face: The multi-faceted women of MS WORLD 2023

Women are much more than just their physical appearance or their beauty. Although societal norms and cultural expectations may suggest otherwise, women have unique talents, skills, and strengths that extend far beyond their appearance. They have made significant contributions to various fields, such as science, literature, politics, and business, and have made history in many different ways.

Taking this as inspiration, a new beauty pageant organized and founded by model and luxury brand ambassador, Melisa Gun takes a huge step in highlighting not just a pretty face but also influence, success, and leadership. This is Ms World 2023.

Melisa and the whole Ms World team believe it’s essential to recognize that women are much more than just their physical appearance. Through this new platform, they want to showcase women as intelligent, compassionate, creative, and talented individuals who significantly contribute to society in various fields. 

Highlighting successful women

Ms World 2023 is a unique beauty pageant that stands out from the rest because it celebrates women who are successful in their fields. Ranging in age from 18 to over 30, these women are proof that a woman can create a happy family, build a successful career, and make her mark on the world. All the contestants in Ms World 2023 have already achieved something in their respective spheres, unlike other beauty contests.

The competition’s goal is to showcase these women’s diverse talents and accomplishments and prove that true beauty comes in many forms. It’s a celebration of beauty, success, creativity, and a chance for these women to make their brand names known while inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Melisa states that some Ms World 2023 pageant participants have little or no experience in pageantry. Some of them also come from professional backgrounds unrelated to the entertainment industry. Despite this, Melisa emphasizes that the Ms World team and contestants work hard to learn about beauty pageantry, demonstrating women’s ability to develop new skills and express their authenticity in their own way.

Melisa shares, «We spend six months with them teaching them how to walk the catwalk, how to hold themselves on stage, how to work with a camera, how to shine in the spotlight, and be better in every sphere of their lives while remaining true to themselves.»

Women that make an impact

While Ms World showcases smart, beautiful, and influential women who have succeeded in their respective fields, it also highlights the importance of giving back to those in need. The Ms World 2023 project aims to unveil new names of women willing to dedicate their time and effort to impact the world around them.

Melisa explains that a distinctive feature of Ms World 2023 is the chance for finalists to contribute to a charity fund. After the finale, the funds will be donated to countries needing financial assistance, like Ukraine and Turkey. The pageant will also create a fund to support American women facing challenges, providing financial or emotional aid to help them recover and rebuild. Finalists will collaborate with these women and partner with organizations focused on assisting women in need.

«We want to create a platform that highlights kindness, bringing light to those in the dark, and inspiring more women, especially the younger generation to work with us in making the world a kind place to everyone,» Melisa shares. 

What Ms World Wants To Achieve

Ms World 2023’s long-term goal is to create a unique contest that is not only a means of making money but also a way of helping and uniting women worldwide. It aims to be a household name, with women from around the world wanting to participate in helping showcase their beauty, success, passion, and personality to have a meaningful impact on societies all across the globe.

Melisa expounds, «We are thrilled about how this pageant will show what a woman is: beautiful, successful, loving mother and wife, active social figure, human rights defender, a fighter for equality in the world. She is a strong, perspective, educated, determined, beautiful, and socially active woman who wants to take a new step towards building lasting business relationships with key leaders while making an impact on the world.»

Ms World 2023 introduces the exciting world of beauty and great opportunities. Taking place in the enchanting city of Las Vegas, it aims to be the starting point for a new story of women’s dreams and possibilities.

The Ms World 2023 Awards Night will be held at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas from December 13 to 17, 2023, and live-streamed on Ms World’s social media accounts.

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